Fire Extinguisher Training

We offer free fire extinguisher training for your group or place of business. Bring your own fire extinguishers and the Fire District will provide the rest. The hands-on class is designed to allow trainees to use an extinguisher to put out a real fire providing very valuable scenarios to learn from.

Elements included in the training include the following valuable tips.

Fire Extinguishers at Work or Home

If there is a fire, follow the fire emergency plan for your company or your home fire escape plan. Make sure you dial 9-1-1. Designated trained employees will evaluate the small fire and decide if it is safe to fight. If at home, talk to family members in advance about how to use extinguishers to put out small fires.

The Five Classes of Fire

To be effective, portable fire extinguishers must match the fire you are fighting. There are five classes of fires and all extinguishers are labeled with standard letters and symbols for the class of fires they can put out.

Things to Know

Before Fighting a Fire, Be Sure

PASS: Using Portable Extinguishers

When using a fire extinguisher, keep your back to a clear exit and stand six to eight feet away from the fire. Remember the acronym PASS:

Always Remember

Contact our District Office directly by calling (775) 246-6209 or by email at If it is an emergency, please dial 911.