Fuels Management

The Central Lyon Fire Protection District provides an aggressive Fuels Management Program.

Our Program

The goal of this program is to assist homeowners in clearing yards and neighborhoods of debris to significantly reduce any threats to homes in high fire hazard areas.

We offer this program as a community service to assist our residents in making their homes safer from the threat of wildfire and creating defensible space.

Dump Trailers

Central Lyon Fire Protection District has three dump trailers available for use by the public to assist in cleaning and clearing flammable vegetation. The Fuels Management Team will deliver a trailer to your home for you to fill with vegetation, consisting of strictly woody, leafy vegetative material. We will then pick the trailer up and dispose of the material at no charge to the property owner.

Appliances, hazardous materials, auto parts, construction material, lumber, metals, plastic, rocks, dirt, concrete, animals or any other man-made materials will not be accepted. If there is any prohibited material in the trailer at the time of pickup, the team member will dump the trailer where it sits and remove the trailer.

Contact our District Office directly by calling (775) 246-6209 or by email at admin@centralfirenv.org. If it is an emergency, please dial 911.