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Our Programs

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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention includes plan reviews of new construction and tenant improvements, business and occupancy inspections and fire code compliance reviews. While not as exciting as kicking in the door and spraying water firefighting, it provides a level of reassurance. When parents living in our communities send their children off to school they can be assured their facility is constructed to the exact requirements of the International Fire Code, the teachers have been drilled on emergency evacuation, the fire alarms work, the sprinkler system works, the fire hydrants function and fire apparatus and personnel can get there quickly.

Defensible Space

Defensible Space is the area around your home where the vegetation has been modified to reduce the fire threat. The size of a home’s defensible space varies, depending upon property size, location and topography. Sometimes, a defensible space is simply a homeowner’s properly maintained backyard. Yet another property owner might need to provide over 200 feet of defensible space around their property.

Fuels Management

The Central Lyon Fire Protection District provides an aggressive Fuels Management Program. The goal of this program is to assist homeowners in clearing yards and neighborhoods of debris to significantly reduce any threats to homes in high fire hazard areas. We offer this program as a community service to assist our residents in making their homes safer from the threat of wildfire and creating defensible space.

Ambulance Subscription Program

Annual enrollment is now open for the Frontier Saver Ambulance Subscription Program, provided by the Central Lyon County Fire Protection District to cover costs associated with medical ambulance transportation. Eligibility is open to anyone who lives in the geographical area covered by the Central Lyon County Fire Protection District excluding residents of convalescent homes, nursing homes, rest homes or similar medical or residential living facilities, as well as individuals with outstanding and unpaid bills for past Fire District services rendered.

Central Lyon County Burn Fund

The Central Lyon County Burn Fund, run by CLCFPD full-time and volunteer firefighters, was established in 2002 as a fund to provide financial resources to victims of tragedy in the district. Recipients of the Burn Fund’s resources have included victims and family members of structure fires, medical incidents and other related tragedies. Funds help everything from home repair to funeral services. Every dollar raised for the Central Lyon County Burn Fund stays right here in the district. Thank you for your continued support.

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