Who We Are (Continued)

October 7, 2022

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FAQ 2: Who We Are (continued)

Central Lyon County Fire Protection District, a political subdivision of the State of Nevada organized under NRS 474, is governed by our own elected Board of Directors. Every biennial election at least 2 Fire Board Director seats are due for election and once elected hold a 4-year term. The Fire Board annually appoints a Board President and Vice President who follow board policy to run meetings and maintain compliance with Nevada open meeting law. The Fire Board adopts and enforces all rules and regulations necessary for the administration and government of the district regulations designed to protect life and property including fire protection, hazardous materials response, fire prevention and elimination and removal of fire hazards, and operating the Emergency Medical Services care and transport franchise with Lyon County. The Fire Board appoints the Fire Chief, adopts an annual budget and files it with Nevada Department of Taxation, levies tax upon property sufficient for expenses, enters into agreements with other agencies, execute contracts, hires employees, establish proper pay and benefits, and acquire property and equipment necessary to accomplish the purpose of the Fire Protection District.

The 5 citizens of Central Lyon County elected to make up your board are your neighbors and have a sole interest in the Fire District carrying out its mission and are personally invested in your access to emergency services, prevention and risk management and reduction, and your welfare. The current Fire Board Directors are:

Contact our District Office directly by calling (775) 246-6209 or by email at If it is an emergency, please dial 911.

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