Capitol Regional Fire Academy 22-1

July 19, 2022


The newest additions to the Central Lyon Fire career staff serving you 24/7/365. Shelton Martin, Brad Patoka, Dylan Stewart, Chris Tomasco, and Davis Winebarger graduated from the Capitol City Regional Fire Academy on June 26th after 14 weeks of intense firefighting boot camp and will take their place on the “line” to replace retired and promoted firefighters.

At the beginning of the Academy the recruits are presented with an old, worn, broken axe and tasked with restoring it to full function. The work to return the axe to its original condition is symbolic of their journey from raw recruit to full combat firefighters. It is presented to the Fire Chief at graduation and hangs on the wall of the Districts Training Room as a testament to the hard work this profession demands every day.

Contact our District Office directly by calling (775) 246-6209 or by email at If it is an emergency, please dial 911.

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