Burn Season Delayed for 2020

The calendar reads October, which usually means “Burn Season” for Central Lyon County citizens. Unfortunately, the weather, fuel conditions and safety considerations say we must wait.  Central Lyon Fire appreciates, and encourages, people taking action to reduce fuel loads around homes and neighborhoods, and we will open the controlled burn period as soon as it is reasonably safe to do so.  We are waiting for precipitation that leads to higher fuel moistures and higher relative humidity.

With destructive wildland fires making headlines almost daily, smoke from those fires filling the sky, and fire restrictions still in effect on Federal and State lands, any column of smoke right now generates a 911 call from concerned citizens.  Those calls pull our firefighters and EMS personnel away from other calls and duties.

Last year we issued over 1,000 permits to conduct controlled burns on private property in the District.  As soon as the weather, and especially fuel conditions allow, we will begin to issue burn permits again.