Standard Operating Guideline



Date: 01/18/06


Title: Training Policy


Scope: This Standard Operating Guideline applies to all Central Lyon County Fire District members.



         To provide a continuous and progressive training program to the Fire District personnel with a high level of service to the community that our members serve and protect.

         To facilitate the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills necessary for Fire District personnel to professionally fulfill their duty to the public.

         To provide continuous reinforcement and monitoring of the necessary knowledge, skill and abilities for the Fire District personnel.




         The Fire District shall provide a regular and continuous standardized training program to its members.

         The Fire District shall provide standardized training references and materials made available for the use of its members in conjunction with the Fire District training program.

         All Fire District members shall participate in the Fire District training program relative to their position and classification within the District.



         The Training Division, in collaboration with the Administrative Staff and the Central Lyon County Fire District Training Committee shall be responsible for:

1.       Evaluation of training program content.

2.       Development of yearly training schedule, in conjunction with the CLCFD Training Committee. The Training Calendar will contain the training topic, objectives, course overview, location, time and the qualified instructors.

3.       Continuity of training between the Central Lyon County Fire District and other mutual aid departments.

4.       Scheduling recruit training (new hires) at the Carson City Regional Training Center.

5.       Provide all necessary support and assistance to adjunct instructors relative to training matters.

6.       Arranging for and scheduling special training sessions.

7.       Evaluate the training needs, documentation and requirements of the members.

8.       Scheduling routine monthly training sessions and drills for the shift personnel.

9.       Develop new training programs, which will keep the members current with the latest All Risk techniques.

10.   Maintain the annual required OSHA compliance training and the required annual refresher training for all members of the Fire District.


         All Fire District members are responsible for participating in Fire District training activities and for maintaining personal and professional competence relative to the skill and knowledge levels required of their respective classification and position within the District.